Please social distance wherever possible and if not possible then please wear a mask to prevent the spread of infection.

See Alberta Government Website Below For More Details

There may be people on your street or block that could need help during the COVID-19 pandemic, such as the elderly, those with chronic medical conditions and people with mobility issues.

We encourage you to check on your neighbours and exchange contact info in case people need help.

You can download the above poster by RIGHT CLICK here and save as

Fill out the bottom portion and drop it in the door or mailbox of a neighbour who you suspect could use assistance.

Join Twin Parks Facebook Page

During this time, we also encourage folks to join the Twin Parks Community Facebook Page. It is a good resource:

  • to ask for help or to offer assistance to our community members;
  • to ask questions; and
  • to get ideas on how we can still engage with our Twin Parks neighbours virtually while we practice social distancing.

Also, please post any ideas you have as to how we can support each other and still connect with our neighbours online.