About Us

The Twin Parks Community League is a volunteer-run organization founded in 1979 after the initial construction of Maple Ridge mobile home community. Over the next few decades, the park expanded in stages, the Oak Ridge section added in the 1980’s, Crystal Crescent added in the 1990’s and the latest Oak Wood/Maplewood expansion in the late 2000’s.

As the community grew so did the needs of its residents. A large playground was built, used well and then replaced with newer equipment, a skate park and basketball courts. All made possible thanks to donated funds and Alberta gaming proceeds plus the hard selfless work of many volunteers along the way.

The Twin Parks Community League is funded by receiving gaming proceeds from AGLC after providing volunteers to run a bi-annual casino, various fundraisers throughout the year, corporate and individual donations, and City and Federal grants. It takes many volunteers and board members to organize the events and projects that our community residents want and need.

Please contact us today if there is any way you can help our League grow and serve the needs of our diverse community, whether it be in the form of a monetary donation, gifts-in-kind, or the gift of your time and expertise. All help is greatly appreciated.